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New Zealand

New Zealand's natural will take your breath away. You can go from skydiving in Queenstown one moment, to staying in a traditional Maori Marae the next - and that's before spotting dolphins in the beautiful bay of islands. Want to see it all, do it all? We can help.

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South Pacific

South Pacific holidays provide the opportunity for you to escape, explore, relax, unwind and indulge.

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Australia's incredible destinations await. Unforgettable landscapes, unexpected dining experiences and epic wildlife – they're all waiting for you in Australia.

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South America

They say travel is the secret to happiness. It is joy, excitement, love, surprise, it is everything. Now imagine a destination that can give you all of this and more. Welcome to South America!

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North America

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At Carla Jordan & Brokers we offer a full range of travel products including airfares, accommodation, group travel, car hire and much more. We can also provide you with information on destinations all around the world and advice on any special needs or requirements you might have. 


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